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AddCorp was founded in 2006 and is a Swedish law firm based in Stockholm (Sweden), with associated office on Costa del Sol (Spain). Our clients are both companies and individuals. We offer tailored legal services with both a national and international outlook. A never ending professional relationship based on trust and always with focus on effectiveness and client satisfactionThrough an extensive network of international lawyers and Real Estate partners, we also advice and assist our clients on international property investments. Our legal team cover legal topics within most areas and are specialized on the  following.

  • Corporate Law 

  • International Law 

  • Family and Inheritance Law

  • Contract and Commercial Law

  • Relocation and Ex-pat Law

  • Exit Strategies 

  • Asset Protection and Recovery 

  • Insolvency and Collection 

  • Company formations

  • International Real Estate Investments 

  • Affärsjuridik

  • Internationell rätt

  • Familjerätt och arvsrätt

  • Avtalsrätt och köprätt

  • Legal utflyttning

  • Bolagsförsäljning och generationsplanering

  • Tillgångsskydd och utredning

  • Obestånd och inkasso

  • Bolagsbildning

  • Internationella fastighetsinvesteringar


AddCorp KB


Holländargatan 27

113 59 Stockholm

Postal Address:

Lågskärsvägen 1

121 55 Johanneshov


Tel. + 46 73 50 88 928 


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